What Is Pediatric Radiosurgery?

Your child’s pediatric neurosurgeon might have mentioned pediatric radiosurgery as a treatment option. You are not sure what this surgery is or if it is right for your child. Learn more about pediatric radiosurgery. Discover how it works and what … Continued

Pediatric Brain Injury [Potential Warning Signs]

A pediatric brain injury sounds like a scary thing that only happens in extreme situations. The truth is that children are both resilient and vulnerable. Also, children tend to get into a lot of scrapes. It is up to parents … Continued

Pediatric Neurosurgery: How Gamma Knife Works

Pediatric neurosurgery is a field that focuses on brain-related conditions caused by injury, illness, congenital abnormalities, or developmental anomalies. The surgical procedures that fall under this umbrella target different structures in the developing brain. Operating on such delicate and crucial … Continued

Child Craniosynostosis Treatment From a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Craniosynostosis is a condition that affects a baby’s skull and is usually treated by a pediatric neurosurgeon. Healthy baby skulls are comprised of many large bones. The space where those bones touch is referred to as sutures. Sutures are flexible … Continued

Common Pediatric Neurosurgery Procedures

Pediatric neurosurgery is geared toward children’s brains, which are not yet fully formed and continually growing. This specialization of neurosurgery forms part of the treatment plan for a child with a condition that can only resolve after surgical intervention. When … Continued

A Pediatric Neurosurgeon Gives Tips to Avoid Head Injuries

Every pediatric neurosurgeon wishes they did not spend so much time treating traumatic brain injuries. Pediatric neurosurgeons experience too many cases of perfectly healthy children whose lives change after a heavy blow to the head. For this reason, pediatric neurosurgeons … Continued

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment From a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

A pediatric neurosurgeon works to mitigate or reverse damage caused by traumatic brain injury in children. That is why many pediatricians and trauma doctors will quickly refer young patients that suffer serious head injuries to these specialists. Traumatic brain injury … Continued

Pediatric Laser Neurosurgery FAQs

Pediatric neurosurgery corrects and treats conditions and injuries in the brains of children as young as age zero. With every year that goes by, medical research develops new, minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques. All new technologies and surgical techniques seek to … Continued

What Is Hydrocephalus Treatment? [Pediatric Neurosurgery]

Hydrocephalus is one of the most common pediatric neurosurgery conditions. Also known as water on the brain, it is a condition that causes fluid to build up in the brain. In fact, it is not water building up on a … Continued

Neurosurgery for Congenital Brain Anomalies [Pediatric Neurosurgery]

Pediatric neurosurgery can help with conditions like congenital brain anomalies. Pediatric congenital brain anomalies are defects that begin developing in a child’s brain at birth. Shortly after conception, your child’s brain began to develop and continued to develop and grow … Continued