Surgical Interventions for Pediatric Spina Bifida Treatment

A pediatric neurosurgeon strives to repair the spine and limit the long-term negative effects of the condition, improving the child’s quality of life.

Tips for Navigating Life After Neurotrauma

Having professional help during the rehabilitation process is an essential part of helping young patients who have experienced pediatric neurotrauma.

What Conditions Is Infant Neurosurgery Used To Treat?

Infant neurosurgery, or pediatric neurosurgery, focuses on treating neurological conditions in newborns and infants

Is Radiosurgery a Non-Invasive Procedure?

Radiosurgery or stereotactic radiosurgery is a technique used to deliver high doses of radiation to targets within the brain.

How Does Laser Surgery Treat Brain Tumors?

Laser surgery, formally known as laser ablation surgery, is a minimally invasive technique that can treat brain tumors.

FAQs About Pediatric Brain Surgery

Pediatric brain surgery can create intense anxity in parents' minds. However, parents should know their children are in good hands working with a pediatric neurosurgeon. Though each child's situation will be different, these doctors have the specialized training to provide … Continued

Causes of Neurotrauma

Here is a closer look at neurotrauma in children and what parents need to know.

Common Procedures Performed by a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Pediatric neurosurgery is a specialized branch of medicine focusing on surgical procedures for disorders that affect children’s brains, spinal cords, and nervous systems.

Hydrocephalus Treatment for Children

Hydrocephalus treatment is a procedure undertaken by a neurosurgeon when there is too much fluid present within the spinal cord and/or brain of the patient.

Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumors Treatment

Pediatric brain tumor treatment can bring hope to families of children diagnosed with brain tumors.