How Is Brain Tumor Treatment Performed?

Brain tumor treatment depends on different factors, including the location, type and size of the tumor, as well as the age and general health of the patient. The treatment schedules and methods provided by the neurosurgeon differ for children and … Continued

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment by a Neurosurgeon

The success of the traumatic brain injury treatment depends on factors such as the type and severity of the injury, the patient’s health, the nature of resulting disabilities and impairments, and family support.

Neurotrauma Treatment Options from a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Need to learn more about neurotrauma and its treatment options? Neurotrauma is a term used to describe an injury to one’s nerves, brain, or spine. Since neurotrauma requires emergency treatment, understanding the treatment options available from a neurosurgeon is important. … Continued

When Might Pediatric Brain Surgery Be Needed?

Understanding that pediatric neurosurgeons perform pediatric brain surgery allows parents to feel more confident should their child ever need this type of procedure. Pediatric neurosurgeons focus on minimally invasive options and they use the latest tools to perform pediatric brain … Continued

What Is Pediatric Neurosurgery?

If you have a young child, you may have heard about pediatric nuerosurgery. The term “neurosurgery” means “neurological surgery.” This is a type of surgery that is designed to help the spine, nerves or brain. A child with a neurological … Continued

Children’s Brain Surgery and Pediatric Brain Cancer

Looking for information on the topic of children’s brain surgery? Pediatric neurosurgeons are medical professionals who perform this type of surgery. Neurosurgeons are specifically trained in diagnosing and treating brain, spine and nerve problems. Brain cancer in children Understanding what … Continued

Pediatric Brain Surgery for Tumors

Want to understand more about pediatric brain surgery for treating tumors? When a child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, they may require surgery to treat the tumor. Pediatric neurosurgeons are part of a neurotrauma team of medical professionals. About … Continued

When Might Pediatric Brain Surgery Be Needed?

A pediatric neurosurgeon is an expert in pediatric brain surgery for the treatment of conditions affecting the neurological wellbeing of pediatric patients. The neurosurgical care that they provide extends to children of all age groups, from toddlers to young adults. … Continued

7 Tips for Brain Health, Focus and Memory

Wondering what you can do to improve your brain health so it is easier for you to focus and remember things? While we often hear about people taking care of their physical body as well as their heart health, we … Continued

Conditions Treated by Pediatric Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

Pediatric gamma knife radiosurgery might be the solution for a child’s neurological condition. This non-invasive surgery does not include any cutting. It also protects the healthy brain tissue. Instead of using a scalpel, the neurosurgeon uses guided beams of energy. … Continued