FAQs About Pediatric Brain Surgery

Pediatric brain surgery can create intense anxity in parents' minds. However, parents should know their children are in good hands working with a pediatric neurosurgeon. Though each child's situation will be different, these doctors have the specialized training to provide … Continued

Causes of Neurotrauma

Here is a closer look at neurotrauma in children and what parents need to know.

Common Procedures Performed by a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Pediatric neurosurgery is a specialized branch of medicine focusing on surgical procedures for disorders that affect children’s brains, spinal cords, and nervous systems.

Hydrocephalus Treatment for Children

Hydrocephalus treatment is a procedure undertaken by a neurosurgeon when there is too much fluid present within the spinal cord and/or brain of the patient.

Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumors Treatment

Pediatric brain tumor treatment can bring hope to families of children diagnosed with brain tumors.

Infant Neurosurgery: What To Expect

The words infant neurosurgery can spark worry in any parent’s mind, no matter how experienced the neurosurgeon may be.

A Neurosurgeon for Kids Discusses Craniotomy Surgery for Brain Tumors

A neurosurgeon for kids is a medical specialist who focuses their efforts on treating brain tumors, often via surgery.

Pediatric Neurosurgery for Birth Injuries

Pediatric neurosurgery deals with birth injuries that affect the nervous system, spine, or head.

Caring for a Child After Children’s Brain Surgery

Every child has a unique recovery journey after surgery since many factors affect it, like other treatments the child needs.

Children’s Brain Surgery to Remove a Tumor

Pediatric neurosurgeons are medical specialists who focus their efforts on diagnosing, managing, and treating brain tumors in children of all ages.