Children’s Brain Surgery to Remove a Tumor

Pediatric neurosurgeons are medical specialists who focus their efforts on diagnosing, managing, and treating brain tumors in children of all ages.

A Pediatric Neurosurgeon Answers Brain Tumors in Children FAQs

Pediatric neurosurgeons are the medical professionals who are responsible for all things relating to children’s brains.

Seeing a Pediatric Neurosurgeon for a Head Deformity

Simply changing the child’s head position when laying them down will help prevent a few types of head abnormalities.

A Pediatric Neurosurgeon Discusses Spine Deformities

A pediatric neurosurgeon can diagnose spinal deformities as early as in the womb.

Pediatric Neurosurgeon Treatment Nervous System Conditions

Lack of flexibility, slow reflexes, poor coordination, slow or stiff movements, and muscle rigidity are signs that a child may have a nervous system condition.

A Pediatric Neurosurgeon Can Treat Cerebral Palsy

Has your child been referred to a pediatric neurosurgeon for cerebral palsy treatment?

Seeing a Pediatric Neurosurgeon for Epilepsy

In addition to medications, a pediatric neurosurgeon may also recommend certain lifestyle changes. For example, exercising or diet changes may help reduce seizures.

How Pediatric Neurosurgery Can Improve a Child’s Life

The term pediatric neurosurgery refers to different procedures that are performed to treat neurological conditions in patients that are under the age of 18.

How Pediatric Neurosurgery Can Be Lifesaving for a Child

Children that require the attention of a pediatric neurosurgeon are usually at high risk of the problem at hand becoming worse.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Treatment for a Brain Tumor

The field of pediatric neurosurgery focuses on problems relating to the brain, spine, and surrounding areas in patients that are babies, infants, children, and teenagers.