Visit a Pediatric Brain Surgeon for a Traumatic Brain Injury

No parent ever imagines that they will have to find a pediatric brain surgeon for their child. However, when a traumatic brain injury occurs, the sooner the treatment is performed, the better. According to the Brain Injury Association of America … Continued

Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment and Types of Tumors Treated

If your child is one of the 28,000 children in the United States living with a brain tumor, then you need to take action in the form of a pediatric brain tumor treatment immediately. According to the National Brain Tumor … Continued

What is a Hydrocephalus Treatment and Why Do Children Need One?

If your child has an abnormal fluid accumulation in the brain, he or she could be in need of a hydrocephalus treatment immediately. If left untreated, this condition can lead to dire consequences. To learn more about what hydrocephalus is … Continued

Prepare for a Visit to a Pediatric Neurosurgeon in Orange County

Preparing your child for a visit with a pediatric neurosurgeon in Orange County is very similar to preparing them to meet with a typical pediatrician. However, the unfamiliarity and situation as a whole can be potentially stressful for children. It … Continued

Neurotrauma and the Keys to Successful Recovery

What exactly does the recovery from a neurotrauma look like and what do the long-term outcomes look like for patients? This is a question we are asked on a regular basis in our office. The possible answers to this question … Continued

Educate Yourself About Children’s Brain Surgery

From experience, we know that children's brain surgery is an extremely stressful occurrence, especially for the parents. Children tend to be more trusting, especially when it comes to doctors and their parents, and so it is usually easier to relieve … Continued

Selecting a Pediatric Brain Surgeon: The Top 3 Things to Look At

When selecting or being referred to a pediatric brain surgeon a person can easily feel overwhelmed by the prospect of needing one, making it difficult to know what to look for from this particular type of specialist. We suggest contacting … Continued

Conditions Treated by a Brain Surgeon for Infants

For parents, discovering that their child may need to visit an infant brain surgeon can be alarming and create significant apprehension. We understand that the thought of a child going to surgery is going to create incredible amounts of concern. … Continued

Evaluating the Risk vs. Reward with Infant Neurosurgery

As someone performing infant neurosurgery, we understand what a difficult decision surgery is. For anyone to receive surgery, there are multiple things that one must consider, including what needs to be done and the likelihood of a successful procedure. When … Continued

We Offer a Pediatric Spina Bifida Treatment

We offer a pediatric spina bifida treatment using minimally invasive techniques. Spina bifida is a serious condition that will impact around one out of every thousand babies born in the United States. Typically, spina bifida is a result of a … Continued