How Pediatric Neurosurgery Can Improve a Child’s Life

Posted on: August 2, 2022

Pediatric Neurosurgery Orange, CA

The term pediatric neurosurgery refers to different procedures that are performed to treat neurological conditions in patients that are under the age of 18. As it relates to pediatric patients, neurological conditions tend to be extremely anxiety-inducing for parents because of lack of development, high risk, and potential for pain. Continue reading to find out how neurosurgery can be life-changing, in a good way.

Improving a child's life with pediatric neurosurgery

Below is a quick overview of how pediatric neurosurgery can improve a child's life. This information can be especially helpful to parents who have a child suffering from a neurological condition.

The need for pediatric neurosurgery

A lot of parents opt out of pediatric neurosurgery if possible due to the risks and fear of pain that their child might experience. However, it is actually often more recommended to opt-in for pediatric neurosurgery early on to get rid of any high risks. For example, if there is a cancerous tumor, it may be better to have it removed early on to prevent the spreading of cancerous cells.

In the case of other neurological conditions, such as hydrocephaly or cerebral palsy, surgery is not always needed. However, if the condition is severe enough, it could significantly improve the child's quality of life. Additionally, one of the main reasons for surgery is that certain symptoms are likely to be significantly reduced afterward.

Surgical treatments

Neurosurgery will vary depending on the condition at hand. For serious cancerous tumors, removal is often recommended, followed by radiation or chemotherapy. In this case, the pediatric neurosurgeon will create an extensive treatment plan because pediatric surgery can be harsh on the child's body. There will be a lot of recovery steps to follow, as well as a need for rest and relaxation.

In the case of neurological conditions that are not related to cancer, neurosurgery is often highly recommended for treatment. Of course, there may be some lifestyle changes that can be made and other forms of treatment, like medication, to help treat the condition. But, ultimately, surgery may be quite helpful when it comes to improving the child's life.

Other things to know

It is important to know that a child's life can benefit greatly from the work of a pediatric neurosurgeon. The earlier that neurological conditions are treated and taken care of, the higher likelihood they have of having an improved quality of life later on.

Talk to a pediatric neurosurgeon

Parents that have children suffering from a neurological condition should consult with a pediatric neurosurgeon to get the treatment process started. The consultation appointment allows for a treatment plan to be put into place, whether that includes neurosurgery or other treatments. Additionally, any unanswered questions or concerns can also be addressed so that parents have a full understanding of what is going on and what to expect. To find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment, contact us today.

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