Pediatric Neurosurgery Procedures for the Nervous System, Brain and Spinal Cord

Posted on: April 19, 2019

pediatric neurosurgery Orange, CA

Pediatric neurosurgery provides the knowledge and procedures for specific issues in the nervous system, brain and spinal cord of infants and children. It is vital with infants and young children that the doctor has the knowledge of how to best complete procedures for kids and their specific issues. Pediatric neurosurgeons specialize in several procedures, and the following will help fill you in on the options for your child.

Common pediatric neurosurgery procedures

These are the most common procedures in pediatric neurosurgery:

Congenital health problems

While a baby is developing in the womb, sometimes specific health issues may occur. These problems are ones that the baby is born with but can be helped with neurosurgery to ensure the child's best health.

Acquired health problems

These health problems are ones that occur or develop in the child after they are born. However, these can also be fixed and made better with neurosurgery procedures and lead to a child being their healthiest.

Conditions and treatments

Here are some standard conditions and the treatments that neurosurgeons use to help infants and young children.

Brain tumor

Neurosurgery can typically be useful when dealing with a tumor inside of the brain. The treatment will include observation and depend on some other factors. These factors have to do with the size, location and condition of the tumor. Testing will be done for the doctor to obtain this knowledge and discern the best course of action in treatment.


This is a condition that causes uncontrolled movement and postures. The treatment for dystonia includes needing stimulation deep in the brain by having wires placed in specific areas of the brain. Then doctors use stimulations to help fix the brain. A pulse stimulator is placed and inserted around the collar bone of the patient. These devices can help the uncontrolled movements cease altogether.

Nerve injury

Typically these nerve injuries happen around the arms or hands of the patient and require neurosurgery to fix the problem. To fix the problem, neurosurgeons start by removing the scar tissue that is located on the nerve and repair the nerve using surgery.

Spina bifada

This is a congenital disability that causes the spine and backbone to not fuse correctly before birth. Sometimes it can be severe enough that the spine sticks out of the back. Using surgical techniques, many times doctors can fix spina bifada and give the child a healthy back.

Although this does not cover every single procedure and treatment pediatric neurosurgery can help with; our office is always there to help with additional questions or concerns that you may have. Never hesitate to call.

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