When Might Pediatric Brain Surgery Be Needed?

Posted on: September 17, 2020

pediatric brain surgery Orange, CA

A pediatric neurosurgeon is an expert in pediatric brain surgery for the treatment of conditions affecting the neurological wellbeing of pediatric patients. The neurosurgical care that they provide extends to children of all age groups, from toddlers to young adults. The surgery is often recommended after a diagnosis, and patients will be assisted through treatment, surgery and extensive aftercare.

The need for pediatric brain surgery

Neurological disorders are divided into two categories: congenital health problems that start during the baby’s development stage and acquired health problems that occur in children after birth. The following are conditions that may require pediatric brain surgery.

Brain tumor

The treatment for brain tumors depends on the nature of the tumor and its location. The pediatric neurosurgeon will review options for treatment during a medical appointment.

Cerebral aneurysm

This condition is an anomalous widening of an area of a blood vessel inside the brain that fills with blood. Treatment options for cerebral aneurysm include monitoring, embolization (the process of blocking blood flow to the vessel) and microvascular clipping, which deals with the removal of the artery delivering blood to the aneurysm to halt blood flow.

Cerebral palsy

This condition of the central nervous system compromises the patient’s movement, learning, posture, hearing, thinking and sight. Spinal fusion and rhizotomy are two possible surgeries for cerebral palsy. The surgeon will work with the patient and their family to develop a treatment plan and follow-up programs.


This is a condition where the child’s skull closes prematurely. Pediatric brain surgery to separate the skull is done to ensure proper brain development and head shape.

Down syndrome

This is a genetic disorder that impairs a child’s physical and mental development. Spinal fusion is a potential treatment for Down syndrome and can help stabilize the bones in the patient’s neck.


This is a movement disorder where the patient suffers from muscle contractions and abnormal posture. The treatment requires a procedure where the surgeon places wires into particular parts of the brain and nerves throughout the body. The surgeon will insert and implant a pulse generator (similar to a pacemaker) around the collar bone or in the abdomen. With these devices, the patient’s movement can be regulated.


This condition affects the central nervous system and may lead to brain seizures that may vary in severity, from total loss of consciousness to extreme physical movement or thrashing. Options for treating epilepsy include hemispherectomy, corpus callosotomy, temporal lobectomy, resection and vagal nerve stimulator.


Also known as “water in the brain,” hydrocephalus is a condition where the cerebral spinal fluid (the transparent fluid that surrounds and supports the brain and spinal cord), fails to drain away from the brain, causing an excessive build-up of the fluid in the skull. Treatment can include the placement of a shunt, an opening that enables the transfer of fluid from one area to another, in the cerebral area to redirect the spinal fluid away from the brain.

In conclusion

If the physical recommends that the child sees a pediatric neurosurgeon, then you are assured that the child will get the best care option possible. The neurosurgeon will examine the patient’s condition and recommend pediatric brain surgery if necessary.

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